About Us

Dr. Mon-Han Young
What makes a great dental practice? We think it's paying attention to you the patients and having a staff with the latest training and certifications to offer you the best possible solution to your oral hygiene needs. We also believe that a great dental practice puts a premium on service, that's why we have a single office with a team of ten ready to assist you in every possible way.

Whether you love coming to the dentist or you fear it more than speaking in public, we want to make the experience a positive one for you in all regards. We speak Chinese, Spanish, and English for those patients that need a dentist that understands their language. With our lead dentist Dr. Mon-Han Young, and his team of trained professionals Silver State Dental is the absolute best place to visit for all your oral hygiene needs.

Whether you need a routine teeth cleaning, whitening, or something more serious like extractions, Silver State Dental is here for you! Give us a call at 702-388-8979 to schedule an appointment today.

We Serve All of Greater Las Vegas and Summerlin

Most Major Dental Insurance Plans Accepted